Data. Detection. Development.



Using data-backed cultural assessments, Indelible Impressions helps you uncover and mitigate bias,  and develop a framework to build an anti-biased, anti-racism culture.


Indelible Impressions aims to help organizations and individuals realize their full potential; driving diversity, equity and inclusion to advance a high-performing culture. To this aim, we leverage critical insights derived from Yellowbrick© to offer customized data-driven, human-centered solutions to:

  • Pinpoint culture gaps and opportunities

  • Educate the workforce on how to become a more equitable and inclusive organization

  • Shape employee hiring and retention efforts

  • Develop and implement sustainable DEI practices and policies


Explore how Indelible Impressions can support you in making an Indelible Impression below.

Our Approach

We are committed to helping foster inclusive, intercultural organizations through education, compassionate yet courageous conversations and workshops/trainings. Strategic activity plans help build sustainable DEI practices that truly help individuals and teams more effectively and empathetically engage across cultures. Diverse communications and marketing strengthen commitments to embracing the beauty and uniqueness of our global world. 

Our aspiration is that this work will:

  • Enable individuals to respect and value others' differences

  • Develop an authentic, supportive, and sustainable culture of belonging for all

  • Help equip and encourage individuals to bring their whole selves to every area of their lives