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Indelible Impressions partners with your leadership team to frame the aspirations that guide your long-term culture vision, and we support the journey by your side. We work alongside organizations that WANT their employees to feel seen, heard, and supported—from recruitment through retention and advancement. This isn’t just about the workplace; these goals are aligned with the communities and society they are trying to create.

Our head and heart approach are both human-centered and data-informed to create positive impacts and sustainable solutions. More than getting your money’s worth, we aim to deliver RADICAL ROIs. They are returns on:


  • Intentionality

  • Inclusion

  • Impact

  • Investment (Time, energies, hearts and minds)

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Cultural Assessments

What gets measured gets managed. Indelible Impressions uses qualitative and quantitative research and observations to reveal your organization’s specific challenges to attracting diverse talent, driving employee engagement and creating a strong sense of workplace satisfaction. We dive deeper to uncover and help you overcome the barriers to retention and creating belonging. The data becomes the guide for specific, prescriptive recommendations and interventions.

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ENGAGING, Interactive WOrkshops

We know engagement matters so we focus on educating and inspiring individuals to change. That means interactive DEI+B workshops and trainings, and courageous conversations that are designed to spark honest dialogue, enlightenment and encouragement while up-skilling teams for inclusion and behavior change.

Business Meeting

Executive & Individual Coaching

People, even leaders, don’t know what they don’t know. So, we hold space with them to work through concerns, questions, or experiences related to DEI+B. This partnership includes being a true sounding board AND accountability partner as our consultants provide expertise, thought leadership, and instructional strategies to create better teams and experiences for all.


Speaking & Subject Matter Inspirer

Learning DEI+B principles is one thing. Being empowered and inspired to take part in the change that individuals and organizations want to realize is another. We aim to move people to action with a compelling storytelling approach and realistic recommendations for organizations striving towards excellence in equity and intentional inclusion.

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policy review & copywriting

In order to ensure equitable and inclusive practices, we provide a thorough review and analysis of organizational processes, policies, systems, and content. We also help clients formulate DEI+B messaging to reveal their heart’s mission and values for making an impactful Indelible Impression.

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learning curricula

An important part of DEI+B sustainability includes driving the learning continuum and the right organizational messaging. To support ongoing learning and engagement, Indelible Impressions offers clients resources and learning tools to advance and extend learning experiences.

Abstract Architecture


We are committed to helping foster inclusive, intercultural organizations through education, compassionate yet courageous conversations, and coaching. Strategic activity plans help build sustainable DEI+B practices that truly help individuals and teams more effectively and empathetically engage across dimensions of diversity. Diverse communications and marketing strengthen commitments to embracing the beauty and uniqueness of our global world. 

​Our aspiration is that this work will:

  • Enable individuals to respect and value others' differences

  • Develop an authentic, supportive, and sustainable culture of belonging for all

  • Help equip and empower individuals to bring their whole selves to every area of their lives

Cultural Assessments
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