• Priscilla Tran

Recent Surge in Asian-American Violence

Check-in daily on social media and you can’t miss the unprecedented uptick in Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate crimes and violence. As reported, these attacks have been spurred by anti-Asian rhetoric and the former President’s casting blame on Asian citizens for the coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19. Using terms like “the China virus” and “Kung Flu” has incited hatred and violence upon a group that has historically been known as the model minority.

Positioned in society as such, Asian-American violence is often underreported in the media due to stereotypes that support the model minority myth that Asians:

  • Are all well-educated and have superior intelligence

  • Enjoy above average lifestyles, are wealthy, and do not participate in social support/welfare programs

  • Are found to be more acceptable in society in contrast to Blacks and other people of color

Indelible Impressions has two fabulous interns, Priscilla Tran and Samyuktha Thotta, both young women of the AAPI community, who have perspectives on the topic. Since they helped developed this post and the below graphic, we thought it is important to share their personal thoughts on the matter. Priscilla: As a 16-year-old Chinese and Vietnamese American, these experiences have left an imprint in ways that will forever change my outlook on life and my place in society. The issue and reporting have made me and my friends more knowledgeable about the issues and we’re having more open conversations; something that I did not have the courage to do until now.

Samyuktha: I'm a first-generation American with Indian heritage who is not commonly categorized under the term Asian. As such, I feel privileged to not face the same discrimination many others in the community have been subjected to...especially since the onset of the pandemic. But I stand in solidarity with my AAPI community just the same.

The best defense against stereotypes, biases, and violence is knowledge and vigilance. Here are some key data points and tips to increase your awareness and action:

Learn more about how to advance diversity and equity in your organization here. [1]:





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