About Us 


Indelible Impressions was created with a single goal in mind: provide strategic, data-backed DEI strategies to effectively make a positive, lasting impression for the good of organizations, individuals and society.


Core Values





Founder, Yvonne Alston is an unapologetically authentic amplifier and advocate for JEDI. She founded Indelible Impressions to advance important conversations, education and training by making it accessible to all businesses – helping employers understand the importance of culture and its impact on the employee and human experience.

Indelible Impressions guides those seeking to amplify the voices of people who are often underrepresented, disregarded and marginalized.

Yvonne and her team work where they are called - from factory floors to board rooms. Speaking with passion and compassion when facilitating uncomfortable and transformative conversations, Indelible Impressions operates in integrity and purpose.


We intentionally aim to capture both hearts and minds of every audience. 

Our passion is 100% rooted in purpose. You can sense that in every engagement  - 1:1 or with a large audience, in-person or virtually.