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Indelible Impressions was created to provide strategic, data-backed DEI+B strategies to effectively make a positive, lasting impression for the good of organizations, individuals and society.


We guide those seeking to make DEI+B a critical part of their organization's fabric - moving DEI+B from something they do, to who they are. This includes diminishing professional and personal disenfranchisement of people who are often underrepresented and marginalized.


Yvonne and her team work where they are called - from factory floors to board rooms and mainstages. Speaking with passion and compassion when facilitating uncomfortable and transformative conversations, Indelible Impressions operates in integrity and purpose.


And, we are intentional about capturing both hearts and minds of every audience and in every engagement.

About OUR



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Chief Culture Architect, CEO & Founder 

Founder Yvonne Alston's heart and head are at the foundation of Indelible Impressions. She is an unapologetically authentic amplifier and advocate for DEI+B and Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI). Yvonne has partnered with organizations that span the public, private and nonprofit organizations, across disciplines and industries to advance DEI+B initiatives of world-renowned organizations and those in smaller communities. 

Her compassionate style and approach is 100% rooted in purpose and focused on meeting people where they are on their culture broadening journey. And, you can sense it in every engagement - 1:1 or with a large audience, in-person or virtually. 

Yvonne founded Indelible Impressions to help advance important conversations, education and training by making it accessible to as many individuals and organizations as possible to help people understand the importance of culture and its impact on the human and employee experience.



Indelible Teammates

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CHRIS LIN (He/Him/His)

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Chief Learning Architect

Chris focuses on building successful organizations through employees by prioritizing the employee experience. His career has been spent focused on talent development across a variety of industries including healthcare, agriculture, interior design, and technology. In this time, Chris successfully implemented programs that addressed leadership, learning, and DEI for an impactful employee experience.

In designing experiences, Chris prioritizes safe and impactful programs that stick with audiences, long after sessions have concluded. This is the only way to ensure long-term change. He focuses on creating engaging and safe spaces, allowing individuals to bring their authentic selves to conversations and decisions. With these positive experiences, Chris has been able to grow communities and businesses from the inside-out.

Elizabeth Bashir-Bio.jpg

Elizabeth Bashir (She/Her)

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Impact  Consultant & Designer

Elizabeth prioritizes relationship building and collaboration to drive transformational change with creative flair and impact. With a strong commitment to meeting people exactly where they are, she has a unique ability to cultivate vulnerable discussions and impactful tools that empower leaders and equity champions to get curious, ask the tough questions, and to drive change. Leveraging her experiences in higher education, the non-profit sector, and small business development, Elizabeth employs her lived and professional experience to inspire authenticity in the daily shoes we fill, while expanding our hearts and minds for good.


Elizabeth's creative and intentional approach helps Indelible provide best practice-based, engaging learning content that cultivates inclusive learning environments, spaces for transformative discussion, and builds bridges that deepen connection between organizations, leaders and all those that support the organization in various functions and disciplines.  

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Culture Consultant

Paul’s passion for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI+B) stems not only from being a part of the LGBTQIA2+ community but also from his global experience, helping him to understand that everyone has value and provides important points of view. As he moved into leadership and employee development roles, the lack of DEI+B presence in many of the development programs was notable. Seeing this critical gap, Paul became an advocate of infusing DEI into all professional development programs, not just those directly addressing diversity, equity and inclusion. 


With 30+ years of international business and professional development experience across industries, including healthcare, hospitality and travel, aerospace and financial, to name a few, Paul is able to adjust the lens of his DEI+B approach with client specificity. Having worked in 23 countries and territories, Paul is well-versed in understanding cultural nuances in the workplace; also, he is fluent in Spanish.

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Culture Consultant

Ronice’s commitment to inspiring others to become their best self stems from her professional and lived experience. During a season of professional vulnerability, she discovered admitting you don’t know everything can open pathways to exploring, growing and learning. Ronice’s experience ranges from non-profit to education to law enforcement organizations, collaborating on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI+B) initiatives to ignite transformational change within businesses and around community.


United in shared purpose and vision, Ronice works with intentional leaders who desire to honor unique differences and challenge obstacles to holistic change and healing. Those she has engaged with note her keen ability to put  people at ease in minutes, even  when discussing challenges and barriers. With decades of management experience and self-learning, Ronice offers creative and insightful ways to help others understand and connect more deeply.



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DEI + B Consultant

Armando has made his way throughout the world serving as a champion of change, equality, development and encouragement. As an Afro-Latino man, his earnest desire is to see workspaces become more welcoming and accepting of all. Armando has worked with 70+ partners to date, ranging from financial services, consumer packaged goods, consulting, energy, education, and technology to help advance their culture. This includes being a foundational pillar to helping build employee resource groups, diversity recruiting pipelining, retention management, training and development, and organizational culture transformation.

Armando has leveraged his years of experience across industries to serve as a coach / mentor to students, career professionals, peers and organizations. His commitment to DEI+B is rooted in a passion to create spaces accepting and understanding of everyone. And, as a DEI practitioner, he aims to educate others through establishing trust, building awareness, and understanding differences. 

Armando believes in the power of coaching and mentoring (at all levels) and is a connector at heart, sharing his energy to bring the best out of others.

More on why Armando chose to partner with Indelible here!

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